Shahd Albasim, Expresses Deep Gratitude to iDixcover Young Fellowship Programme

The iDixcover Ambassadors program stands as a transformational moment in my career. It was in 2021 when I was selected as the iDixcover Sudan Ambassador, marking a transformative two years of immense growth for me. This wasn’t just a title to be added to my CV; it was a turning point that reshaped my entire career perspective and potential.

This year-long fellowship allowed me to network with other African leaders from various parts of the continent. For the first time, I truly understand the dynamics of working within an international organization. I developed my soft skills, underwent personal development, and felt a great sense of progress.

During the initial months, I was immersed in training for Content and Social Media Management. As a content manager, I played a crucial role in bridging the gap between African youth and opportunity providers, offering them free access to a range of empowerment opportunities. I actively promoted these on the iDixcover website and its social media channels.

Drawing inspiration from the iDixcover Africa Ambassadors program, I proposed a national initiative in Sudan aimed at broadening educational ties between Sudan and the United States. Named the “ZAHARA for Education” initiative, I soon became a part of the executive team as a project lead. My vision culminated in the formation of the ZAHARA University Ambassadors program, aiming to amplify our presence across Sudan.

Being selected as the iDixcover Sudan Ambassador and subsequently joining the iDixcover team paved my way to unprecedented success. I was merely a student in 2021, armed with aspirations and a drive to make an impact. iDixcover was the platform that saw potential in me and reinforced my self-belief.

My gratitude knows no bounds when it comes to the connections I made, especially with the founder of iDixcover, Abdullateef Lawal. His unrelenting support, guiding me like the mentor I never knew I needed. With his mentorship, I secured a prestige position in the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) Women internship program, experiencing an enriching 8-month tenure at the WFP Sudan country office. My journey also led me to the YALI Regional Leadership Training in Nairobi, Kenya.

In reflection, the iDixcover Ambassadors program is an opportunity I’ll cherish and credit for my growth throughout my life.

Shahd Albasim, Cohort 1 Alumni