African Fellowship


Youth unemployment remains a pressing challenge across the African continent. As a result, many talented and ambitious young Africans struggle to find meaningful employment opportunities or create sustainable businesses. To address this issue, we propose the establishment of a dynamic and impactful fellowship program designed to equip young Africans with the essential skills needed to find and create jobs.


To equip young Africans with market-relevant skills and knowledge that align with current job market demands.

To foster entrepreneurship and innovation by instilling a culture of creativity and problem-solving.

To provide mentorship and guidance to participants, helping them identify career paths or develop sustainable business models.

To build a supportive community of young professionals and entrepreneurs across the continent, fostering collaboration and networking.

To contribute to the economic growth and development of African nations by empowering a skilled and motivated workforce.

Program Components


Skill Development Workshops

Participants will undergo a series of workshops covering a diverse range of skills, including communication, digital literacy, financial management, project planning, and leadership. These workshops will be conducted by industry experts and experienced professionals.


Practical Training

Hands-on training opportunities will be provided, enabling participants to apply the skills learned in real-world scenarios. This may include internships, apprenticeships, or project-based learning experiences.


Entrepreneurship Support

Aspiring entrepreneurs will receive tailored support, including business planning, market research, and access to funding opportunities, to help them turn their ideas into viable businesses.



Each fellow will be paired with a mentor who will provide guidance, advice, and support throughout the program and beyond.


Network Events

Regular networking events will be organized to facilitate meaningful connections among fellows, industry leaders, potential employers, and investors.


Community Service

In order to enhance the holistic development and community engagement of participants, this Jo Fellowship Program will include a dedicated Community Service component. This aims to instill a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and active citizenship among the fellows while addressing the needs of local communities

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